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Rutherfurd Chapters 12-20

Ch 12 God =s Fire

Who was Guy Fawkes?

What was the objective of The New River Company?

What is Regicide?

Who was William Laud?

Who was Oliver Cromwell?

Who were Cavaliers and Roundheads?

Ch 13 London =s Fire

How was the plague spread?

What was the Royal Society?

How did the fire of London start?

Who was Samuel Pepys?


Chapter 14 St. Paul =s

Who was Christopher Wren?

Who was Grinling Gibbons?

Who were the Huguenots?

What was the AGlorious Revolution? @

What were Coffee Houses and what was their role?

Chapter 15 Gin Lane

Who were Fortnum and Mason?

What was a Cockney?

What was the social significance of Seven Dials and Gin Lane ?

What was Mayfair?

What was the significance of the change of name from Ducket to de Quette?


Chapter 16,  Lavender Hill

What was the difference between Whigs, Tories, and Radicals?
What caused the London Fog?
What was a Parish?  A Vestry?
What were the Corn Laws?
What was a Rotten Borrough?
What was the Reform Bill?

Chapter 17,  The Crystal Palace
Who was responsible for the Great London Exposition of 1851?
What was the Crystal Palace?
Who was Pugin?
What new forms of transportation are mentioned?

Chapter 18,  The Cutty Sark
What was the last commercial route travelled by Clipper Ships?
In what ways did electricity transform London?
Who was Cesar Ritz?
In what way does the relationship between American and English families resemble the relationship between Ida and Bull in Chapter  7,  The Mayor

Chapter 19,  The Suffragette
What was a Suffragette?
What was Saville Row?
What was Exhibition Road, and how was it Financed?

Chapter 20,  The Blitz
What was The Blitz?
What was the AFS?
What was an Anderson Shelter?
What type of vehicle was adapted to use by the AFS?
How does chapter 20, The Blitz, relate to Chapter 2, Londoninium.